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NOMAD Premium Floor Liner Ford Focus 2018+

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NOMAD Premium Floor Liners protect your car footwell from everyday mud, dust, grease, liquids and more. Hard wearing and 100% waterproof, they are designed to fit precisely and feature a raised lip to keep spills at bay. Ideal for gardeners, pet owners, DIY projects and all-round protection against daily wear and tear. Protect Your Footwell: Stop mud, snow, sand, grease, pet hair and more from causing lasting damage to your car. With raised edge and 100% waterproof material, you can also keep spilt liquid like water, oil or fuel contained. Easy to Clean: Thanks to the light-weight, flexible construct, the whole floor liner can be easily removed for cleaning. Simply shake out, wipe down or hose off to return the liner to like new. Completely Odourless& 100% Pet Safe: Free from toxic substances, each floor liner is made from a hypoallergenic, odourless material for safe use without the hazard of fumes. Long Lasting Protection: The high-density TPE Rubbber material is able to withstand years of wear and tear whilst retaining its raised edges and shape. Also resistant to chemicals and oils and capable of dealing with freezing winters and harsh summers - from -40ºC to +80ºC. Exact Fit: Tailored for your vehicle Ford Focus (2018+). .. Designed with 3D scanning technology to match your footwell'scexact shape, each panel, trim and fixing system is taken into account.